Wolfe Homes

Jim Wolfe

Our passion is to serve homeowners by helping them on their construction journey as they improve their living space. In order to ensure we are offering the maximum amount of help, we have developed 3 different divisions to assist homeowners on their construction journey. Our New Home Division has been involved in hundreds of custom homes built since the 1980’s and would love to help you build your dream home. While renovating your home can seem like a massive distraction and may not feel like it’s worth your time or your money, we have developed a process within our Remodeling Division that eases the burden on you and adds maximum value to your home. We have also launched a Service and Repair Division to help homeowners where they do not need a whole remodeling crew but do want experts taking care of home maintenance or small projects that might arise at your home. Whatever home project you might be considering, please give us a call and see if we can help you.