Request for Changes to Real Estate Restrictions in Guilford County Stay-at-Home Order

April 14, 2020

Working with area real estate and building associations, we have collaborated to send a unified message and request to our elected officials regarding amendments to the existing Guilford County Stay-at-Home order that has harmful, unique restrictions on real estate brokerage services.  We are asking for consistency with respect to real estate practices throughout the Triad and NC which allows brokers to visit properties, following appropriate safety precautions.

Since Covid19 safety recommendations and orders have been in effect buyers and sellers have also changed their behavior:

  • Triad MLS showings have decreased 66%
  • Triad MLS sales have decreased 31% and Guilford County sales have decreased 33%.
  • The simple fact is that the only people in the real estate market now are those who have to be.  

Commercial and land markets, new home and spec-building construction, Commercial Realtors, buyers and sellers are experiencing all the same issues from the order.  

Realtors are hyper-focused on social distancing and CDC rules, so in our current environment showing and selling properties, doing so with a Realtor is a much safer course of action for consumers buying and/or selling a house in Guilford County.   

It is important to note that any agent, buyer or seller who does not want to conduct in-person visits – or shouldn’t because of being in a higher risk category – does not have to conduct them. 

Allowing Realtors to give citizens the help they need is not a requirement, it is merely a request for permission.    

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