Vote: Make Your Voice Heard

ELECTION DAY:  November 3

It is important to our livelihood and to the future housing needs of the citizens of North Carolina that pro-housing candidates are elected to office. Please take the time to vote and encourage your family and employees to do the same. Below you will find a list of candidates that are known to support our industry.

Don’t know your district? Look Up Your Voter Information and Sample Ballot

Guilford County Elections

Members of our Elections Committee interviewed candidates for office in Guilford County. We support the following candidates based on their experience, understanding and support of issues important to the building and real estate industry.

Guilford County Board of Commissioners:

  • District 4 – Alan Branson
  • District 6 – Jim Davis                     
  • District 8 – Skip Alston                 

Guilford County Board of Education:

  • District 1 – T. Dianne Bellamy Small
  • District 3 – Pat Tillman
  • District 5 – Michelle Bardsley
  • District 7 – Bettye Taylor Jenkins

In addition, we support the $300 million school bond referendum.

Statewide Elections – Guilford County

NCHBA BUILD-PAC, the political action committee of the North Carolina Home Builders Association, met throughout the 2020 election cycle to make contribution decisions to pro-housing candidates.  The decision to support a candidate was based on several factors, including but not limited to previous support of the industry, historical voting records and staff evaluations. Below are the candidates being supported in Guilford County districts. If you live outside Guilford, see the full list below of candidates throughout the state.

NC Senate

  • District 24 – Amy Galey
  • District 26 – Dave Craven
  • District 30 – Phil Berger

NC House

  • District 57 – Ashton Clemmons
  • District 58 – Amos Quick
  • District 59 – Jon Hardister
  • District 60 – Cecil Brockman
  • District 61 – John Faircloth

For a listing of all statewide candidates supported by NCHBA BUILD-PAC, see the link below. 


NC Congressional Candidates Receive NAHB BUILD-PAC Support

NAHB BUILD-PAC provides financial contributions to candidates for federal office who support housing issues in the US Congress. Incumbents are judged on several factors including voting records compiled on key votes, sponsorship of legislation important to the housing industry, membership on committees important to our issues, and responsiveness to our members and the NAHB lobbying staff. Challengers and candidates for open seats are judged on their prior records and their likely predisposition to support our industry.

Important decisions vital to housing’s continuing recovery will be made in Washington in the new Congress and it is critical to elect pro-housing candidates.

The following Guilford County – North Carolina congressional candidates appearing on the general election ballot received contributions from NAHB BUILD-PAC.

  • U.S. Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC)
  • Congressman Ted Budd (R-NC-13th District)

Additional statewide congressional candidates receiving support include:

  • Congressman Greg Murphy (R-NC-3rd District)
  • Congressman David Price (D-NC-4th District)
  • Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC-5th District)
  • Congressman David Rouzer (R-NC-7th District)
  • Congressman Richard Hudson (R-NC-8th District)
  • Congressman Dan Bishop (R-NC-9th District)
  • Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC-10th District)
  • Candidate Madison Cawthorn (R-NC-11th District)