Virtual Class Participant Requirements

Thank you for your participation in our virtual Continuing Education class for General Contractors. Please review the information below in advance of your course date.

Computer or Device

  • Per the NC Licensing Board for General Contractor requirements, you must participate in this course from a computer or device with a working camera and microphone.  You will be required to be on camera when requested and be heard if asked a question.  While not encouraged, a tablet may be used.  Please know that on a tablet some functions of Zoom can be limited.  Access by cell phone is not allowed.    
  • A hard-wired connection directly to the internet is highly recommended, as Wi-Fi connections can result in intermittent connectivity.  Participants who cannot maintain connection throughout the class will be at risk for not receiving certification and need to take the course again.  The education provider has the right to remove any participant from the meeting for failure to stay connected as it not only causes you to miss information, it is also a distraction to the instructor and other participants.  Please test your connection prior to the day of class.

Zoom Platform

  • If you are a first-time Zoom user and have never downloaded the Zoom desktop application (or have but want to be more familiar), please visit:   This link will walk you through the process to set up an account and will test your camera and microphone.  It even lets you do a test Zoom. It is free, easy, and worth the few minutes to be sure you are comfortable.   If you would like to schedule a test Zoom meeting with us prior to the class, please contact Amy Jones to schedule at (336) 707-0760.
  • If you are a returning Zoom user, please be sure you have version 5.0 or higher.  If you do not, Zoom will require you to update before you can join the meeting which will slow you down.
  • Within Zoom, you will be asked to set your name.  This will be seen under your image.  Proctors must match you to the official registration list for you to receive credit. 
  • Please use the following format: Last Name, First Name [e.g. Brown, Robert E.] Credit will not be given if a name is not listed.   
  • Please take time to familiarize yourself with Zoom platform features, such as how to turn your camera and microphone off/on within Zoom, as well as the location of the chat box.

Course Materials

  • Mandatory 2-hour course is provided by the NC Licensing Board for General Contractors. Majority of our elective courses are North Carolina Builder Institute (NCBI) courses.
  • Course materials will be emailed to participants ahead of class. It will be helpful for these to be printed out and used for notetaking.  Other materials are designed as reference documents for you to use later.  
  • While these are your materials, NCBI and our course instructors, ask that you do not share this proprietary information with other individuals and/or organizations who might use them to create courses of their own.

Check-In Process

  • When you click Join the Meeting, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room and participants will be allowed into the meeting one at a time. 
  • Upon entry into the class, you will be required to enable your camera (Start Video) and unmute your microphone. 
  • Housekeeping instructions will begin promptly prior to instruction.

Class Proctors

  • All courses are required by the Licensing Board to have proctors with eyes on participants during instruction.  Those proctors will be watching to ensure participants remain in the course to receive credit.  There are times when life cannot wait just because you are in a class (i.e. restroom).  If something arises that cannot be handled during a break, the proctor will track the time the participant is not on camera.  If the absence tallies to longer than 10 minutes per class (not including breaks), that participant cannot receive credit for the class.
  • There may arise a time when bandwidth becomes an issue.  One quick way to solve that is for some participants to turn off their cameras for a time.  If that happens, proctors may use the chat box to randomly select a participant whose camera is not on and send a private message (i.e. “Steve Jones, are you there?”).  If the participant does not respond, they will send a second message privately.  If there is no response after that, the proctor will start tracking time.  This is another reason why it is critical to have your chat box open.
  • If you are on camera, but appear to be sleeping, working on something else, or otherwise not engaged with the instructor, the proctor may also privately message you.
  • Proctors have the responsibility to look for obvious distractions from course participation.  (like someone getting up and walking away or laying their head down for a nap)

Course Completion

At the end of each course, the Greensboro Builders Association as the Education Provider, will submit all required information to the NC Licensing Board for General Contractors.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Jones at (336) 855-6255 and (336) 707-0760.