Take Advantage of NCHBA Member Rebate Program

Builders & Remodelers

Since the Member Rebate Program (MRP) has been offered as a free member benefit via the North Carolina Home Builders Association, it has given participating members a total of $223,447.00.  With 196 members participating in the program throughout the state, that is an average of $1,206.93 going to each builder and remodeler member!  GBA members have received a total of $36,317 in rebates to date.

NCHBA’s Member Rebate Program lets builders and remodelers receive cash rebates for using certain manufacturers’ products in the building and remodeling of homes. There are currently more than 50 participating manufacturers covering 35+ different product categories. Click here for a list of participating NCHBA Rebate Manufacturers.

Once you are registered, you are eligible to claim on a quarterly basis. The claiming process is just as simple as registering. An address is ready to be submitted once it is completed. MRP will ask for your company name, the completed address, and the completion date(s). You then provide all of the information required for each manufacturer used.

The information required by most manufacturers typically include: quantity used, subcontractor or supplier name, and model number. No receipts are needed! Once a project is completed and the form is filled out, all you have to do is send it in. MRP will process your quarterly information, send it to the manufacturers, and issue you one lump-sum check for all of your rebates!

Nationwide, more than 70% of the builders and remodelers who participated last year have received in rebates more than they paid in annual dues to their HBA. Get the most of your membership by taking advantage of this free member benefit.

Register Today:   http://www.nchbarebates.com/